luni, 18 octombrie 2010

Sear Me...


Sear me 1992

incendere suus damnare suus vita dare suus ad art ventus capare suus et facere suus ferire suus persicum cutis  nudus, turpis, putridus, findere,  acerbus, crudus, raptus, contemptio,  mordax, atterere, inficere, bilis, nam tuus scelus amabilis tu licet perire ad ante tu habere aequus sic dolor nil finis ego liberare art ultimus iniuria.


Pour yourself into me, our time approaches so near, that I sign. What danger in such an adorer? We dance and the music dies. We carry them all away, as we glide through their lost eyes. You lift me above myself, with the ghostly lake of your mind. Arise from your slumber in my arms. Your beauty took the strength from me. In the meadows of heaven, we run through the stars. Romantic in our tastes. We are without excuse. We burn in our lust. We die in our eyes and drown in our arms.

Sear Me III

come to me Comfort me Take my hand  In your arms In your eyes I will be Forever yours Bring me down To your bed To your dreams  Take my life Take everything Through those meadows Of heaven Where we ran forevermore I wish, oh, how I wish again With you. Oh, to be with you  So lay me down Close to you Hold me now my lover I kiss your tears My sweet one And kiss again, my love

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